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Are you getting a low open rate on emails? Or not getting your potential customers to click through to purchase your services from social media, email, SMS, Google, or converting right from your website? Are you looking for a Press Release? OOB Digital is here to help with our Copywriting Services!

Why Is It Important To Get A Professional Copywriter To Write Your Copy?

Copywriting can be a daunting task for many… Ultimately you could use someone that has done a short course in Digital copywriting, or you could use us! In essence, copywriting needs to be compelling, engaging and able to convert your reader.

With years of experience in copywriting, and our access to professional copywriters across the country, we can definitely assist.

All in all we have experience and skills  in content writing for social, as well as copywriting from corporate to retail and blogging. OOB Digital, your one stop copywriting shop.

Copywriting Services We Provide

SEO Copywriting

Why Is SEO Copywriting Important?

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting plays a major role, especially considering where your traffic on search engines come from.

Essentially it is a “free” way of getting your content ranked. And, it makes you stand out from the rest!

Blog Copywriting

Why Is Copywriting Important for your Blog?

Blog Copywriting

Do you write your own Blog?

At OOB Digital we can help you improve your Blog Copywriting, so YOU can ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

Get tips on how to improve your blog!

Press Releases

Why do you Need A Press Release for Your Products & Services?

Press Releases

Are you an agent for Artists, and need to tell the Public about your superstar or your upcoming tour?

Do you have a new product on the market?

Or, do you urgently need to get the word out about something unique that you have and others don’t?

That is why you need US! Let our Copywriters write a professional Press Release that will get the info  out there to the relevant audience!

Social Media Copywriting

Why Is Social Media Copywriting Important?

Social Media Copywriting

Firstly,  Social Media is vital to selling your products or services across all social platforms.

Secondly, this is where all your potential customers hang out.

Ultimately, attention grabbing social content and copy is what turns those potential customers into actual revenue.

Therefore, good Social Media content coupled with professional Copywriting is essential to your business.

Email & SMS Copywriting

Is This Still Important?

Email & SMS Copywriting

If the majority of your database and customers have opted-in for marketing communication then yes, this is still important!

Basically, you need OOB Digital. We can assist in writing compelling copy for your Email & SMS marketing campaigns. Ultimately, resulting in a return on your investment.

Remember, its not what you say, its how you say it.

Google Search Copywriting

Are You Advertising On Google Search?

Google Search Copywriting

With Google Search ads you require immense effort when it comes to your copy.

You have limited characters, plus you need to ensure that you get the right message out to potential clients.

For instance, you have billions of potential customers searching on Google for the same product or service.

Make sure yours stand out!

Pay less per click and connect the right customer with carefully thought out copy.

Google Display Copywriting

It’s Not Only Images…

Google Display Copywriting

Although Google Display Ads are more visual, you still require text to accompany your ads. Ultimately you need to grab potential customer’s attention.

Not only does Google claim that the Display Network reaches more than 90% of global users, but also that it has a reach that expands across 2 million sites.

So, now you see how important it is that you have picture-perfect text for your ads as well as flawless copy for your landing pages.

With all that traffic, you need to stand out!

Proof Reading

Why though?

Proof Reading

Sure you have someone writing copy for you, but is that copy getting the right message across? Is that copy aligned with your objectives?

More importantly, is your spelling & grammar accurate?

To summarize, although you may have online tools to assist with your grammar & spelling, even writing your copy, there is nothing better than the human eye to give it a once, or even thrice over.

Remember, your brand depends on it!

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